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Battery 1600 mAh

Capacity: 1600mAh. Provided with
micro-USB input.

Protection Chip

Chip controlling the electronic cigarette functions; it increases the safety of the battery and the performance during operation and charging.

Micro USB Charger

You can comfortably recharge your battery while you are vaping, by connecting an original PUFF Micro USB cable.


AvatarGT battery is provided with a system guaranteeing a constant operation voltage.

VariVolt Mode

You can easily vary the output voltage of AvatarGT battery through the central button.


The lateral leds allow an easy check of the battery charge level.


Maximum wattage: 12W.

Varivolt mode

The Avatar GT battery is provided with a switch (VariVolt) allowing you to vary its voltage from 3,2 V up to 4,3 V by 3 simple clicks.
  • ORANGE - 3,2 V
  • BLUE - 3,8 V
  • WHITE - 4,3 V

Leds - Charge Status

5 lateral leds allow an easy check of AvatarGT battery charging status.

The protection chip offers not only a safer battery operation but it also effectively manages the leds functions.